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The patent as multi-facetted strategic tool

26 Août 2010 , Rédigé par innopi.over-blog.com Publié dans #Publications : résumés et liens

Corbel, P. et Fernandez, F. « The patent as multi-facetted strategic tool », Patent World, n°187, novembre 2006, p.23-27


Abstract : Previous analyses of patents have often been limited to stressing the two chief uses of the patent. The first, offensive, use is to prevent the imitation of technology used in products or manufacturing processes; the second, defensive, use is to reduce the risks of finding ones way forward closed off by competitors. Nowadays there is admittedly often a third use that is being increasingly developed, namely that a patent enables its owner to obtain royalties. But these three uses hardly cover all the uses of a patent and it is our aim in this article to identify these uses in a fuller, more structured way. This will give industrial property managers an overview of the different roles the patent can play and ensure that they are all being used to the best advantage. This article, which lists and explains the uses of patents, is also intended for non-specialists, in particular business managers for whom filing a patent is too often seen as a necessary cost rather than as a genuine investment.


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