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Managing Intellectual Property Rights: Lessons from the Intel Case

15 Août 2010 , Rédigé par innopi.over-blog.com Publié dans #Publications : résumés et liens

Corbel, P. « Managing Intellectual Property Rights: Lessons from the Intel Case », présenté à la 22ème conférence annuelle de la Strategic Management Society, Paris, septembre 2002  


Abstract: Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) are often analysed as means to rise barriers to entry. Nevertheless, another approach insists on the role of network externalities in establishing standards, and therefore on the necessity to open access to technologies to competitors. Intel has used both approaches to impose its X86 technology as a standard, and then to push or keep competitors out of the market. An innovative approach to IPR management is derived from this case study, based on three propositions:

(1) A mixed strategy is more efficient than a one-way systematic strategy;

(2) The relevant mix varies over time according to the strategic position of the firm and its main objectives;

(3) The different tools available to protect IPR are more complementary than mutually competing tools.

We show that such a view of IPR management is consistent with the evolution of theoretical thinking in strategic management.


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